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literarytattoos's Journal

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bookworms with ink
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A community dedicated to tattoos with literary themes.
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literarytattoos is a place to talk about your book related tattoos!

Before asking about fonts, be sure to check out this website. It is a fabulous resource!

We have no real rules here, but we do offer a friendly suggestion:
We love hearing about all of your tattoo ideas, but you might not get the best reception if you say something like "I would love a(n) [insert book/author/etc. here] tattoo! Give me ideas!" Instead, you should probably come up with your own basic idea and go from there. Please do not hesitate to bounce ideas off us, we are more than willing to help, but please do not expect us to be an idea generating machine.

Another friendly suggestion... use tags!
Try searching these tags before asking a question!!!

One more friendly suggestion: please make sure your post actually has to do with literature in some way. Lyrics are fine.

This should go without saying but don't be a jerk. Unnecessarily rude comments will not be tolerated.

ohyoutrendygirl is your mod. Ask her anything. Really.

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