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Miss Christine

Wrist Tattoos and Blurring

This question hasn't come up recently, but once in a while someone does post asking about wrist tattoos and blurring so I thought I would share my tattoos for some personal experience on the topic. They are also loosely literary, with the left coming from Horace's poem and the right is a traditional art genre.

They are the same font (I used a sample of my own handwriting to create a font when I had the first one done) and the same artist at the same shop with the same kind of ink. A one-liner needle was used for both. The one on my left wrist was done originally 4 years ago and Cheryl went over it a second time when I got the right wrist done in August. I didn't realize how much the one on my left wrist had blurred until I compared it with the new one, which is to say that the blurring wasn't that noticeable. I also am pretty much always wearing a watch on my left wrist, but I usually wear them loosely and only put them over my tattoo when I'm in the sun for prolonged periods (easier than sunscreen and doesn't need reapplication). Anyway, I hope that this is helpful for someone.

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