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The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

I read The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and loved it immediately, but the quote below resonated with such fierceness that I knew it would become a tattoo.  To keep it simple, I chose I want, I want, I want in my own handwriting.

"She thought a long time and kept hitting her thighs with her fists. Her face felt like it was scattered in pieces and she could not keep it straight. The feeling was a whole lot worse than being hungry for any dinner, yet it was like that. I want-I want-I want was all she could think about--but just what this real want was she did not know." Carson MCcullers, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
I want

Needless to say, this makes me very happy.  4th text tat, 2nd literary, and 13th overall.  :-)

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