La Pièce de Résistance (enlabelleaurore) wrote in literarytattoos,

Peter Pan!

I spent my entire childhood being totally enamored of the story of Peter Pan. I read the original until the book fell apart, and I took in every single media representation of the Pan story I could find. This persisted into my teenage years, and I never really got over the magic of it all.

So today I started a Peter Pan themed tattoo. It's Captain Hook's ship The Jolly Roger, as depicted in the Disney movie version of the story. I know that Disney sort of bastardized the story, but it was the first exposure to it that I had, and I think that has to count for something.

We're finished with the outlines now, and in two months or so I'm going to get the colors all filled in. My artist is pretty amazing though, and I tend to think that she is able to make even in-between work look like finished designs.

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