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on my shoulder makes me

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this is the aforementioned full shoulder piece, finished on saturday.

The original Seshat symbol was my first tattoo, a belated present for getting my MLIS. It didn't come out as well as i wanted; i'm willing to blame myself rather than the artist because he was tired and i was too nervous to wait again.
Time passes, and the shop changes hands. I head back to see if he's still there and is willing to touch it up; no dice, he left before they even sold the shop.
I talk to another artist, who eventually does my second tattoo. Finally, i decide that if i'm going to have to pay for a touchup, i might as well make it worth it. The new artist and i talk for a few weeks about plans and details, and after 12 hours in the chair over five sessions, we have:

The goddess herself is in the center. The bottom border is the evolution of the book from tablet to bound book. (The open books have images from two of my all-time favorite books; bonus internet points to anyone who recognizes them, especially since out of all the children's librarians with whom i work, only one of them got even one).
The hieroglyphs are phonetic transliterations of the names of family members.

For those of you interested, i detailed the progress: 0 1 2 3 4

The artist was Kristin at Somerville, NJ's Artisinal Tattoo, and i highly recommend her work.

ETA: People have correctly guessed the Big Friendly Giant; the other one is a very stylized representation of Tenniel's Jabberwock.
It's probably easier to see it from this angle... sorry about that.

Comments? questions? "omg that's not how hieroglyphics work"s?
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On January 17th, 2010 05:59 am (UTC), oh_chris commented:
thank you! and i love my job, and i hope that when you become a librarian you do as well.
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