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The walking copy of Watership Down

Hi hi hi!

So in case anyone remembers, I was getting some text done on my wrists from the novel Watership Down. And in case anyone remembers, I also have a rib piece which is (you guessed it) from Watership Down.

To refresh your memory....


This is a couple of months after healing, but prior to being touched up. It looks even more amazing now that some of the lines have been evened out, made darker, and some of the letters touched up. The full quote is "My heart has joined the Thousand for my friend stopped running today" and is a rabbit proverb/prayer. It has always sent shivers down my spine and I've adored it since the moment I first read it as a small child. It sums up perfectly how I feel about my own pet rabbits.
And my new tattoos:

Left wrist

Right wrist

In the movie this is from the bargain that Hazel tries to make with Frith to save his warren as he is running towards the farm to set the dog loose on Woundwart's rabbits. In the book, from when El-ahrairah tries to convince the Black Rabbit to take his life and save his people's:
"Bargains, bargains, El-ahrairah," he said. "There is not a day or a night but a doe offers her life for her kittens, or some honest captain of Owsla his life for his Chief Rabbit's. Sometimes it is taken, sometimes it is not. But there is no bargain, for here,
what is, is what must be."

Unfortunately I can't operate a camera with my mouth so I couldn't get a picture of the two side by side but the placement of the text on the left wrist sits in the space between the two lines on the right.

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