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friendly to thieves, indeed

Last July, I finally went and got my Harry Potter tattoo. I love it -- even though it sometimes gets me eye rolls and disbelieving laughter. Because, for every eye roll, there's someone who gets SUPER EXCITED because I have a HARRY POTTER TATTOO! :D

Technical specs: Alohomora is the spell to unlock locks; the font is One Starry Night from; it was done at Diablo Rojo, in Austin, TX.

Story behind it: From my research, the first time alohomora is used, it is cast by Hermione, in the first book. It's my personal belief that Hermione taught herself that spell, because what professor would teach a first year student the spell to unlock locks? That's just asking for trouble!

I like the idea that Hermione was already teaching herself, even during her first year at Hogwarts. I like to think that she knew, as a muggle, that she would have to fight extra hard to make it anywhere in the wizarding world. So, for me, the spell alohomora came to mean more than just unlocking locks -- it became about motivating yourself. (Cause Hermione unlocks her knowledge -- get it!?)

Hermione is also my favorite HP character; she's brainy and unapologetically so. She is the reason Ron and Harry made it all the way to the end. Her intelligence and ingenuity save them time and time again.

Plus -- and this is totally corny -- books unlock so many different places and lives and stories and adventures. Reading books -- especially the Harry Potter series -- has gotten me through so many difficult times in my life. I don't know where I would be without them!

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