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Operation Sherlock Holmes sleeve is a go! (Well, at least started..)

Hey you guys! It's been a hot minute since I've been here, but it just feels wrong getting a literary themed tattoo without posting. 

As you may not remember, I'm the person who got this Sherlock Holmes quote tattoo two years ago. I've been sitting on the idea, and a few months ago I decided that I wanted it to become a sleeve. Because I'm sort of nuts, I decided to get the first official piece of sleeve on my shoulder. While that's not a traditional part of a sleeve (at least, from what I understand) I wanted a "root" of the work. I wanted something that would be a fantastic start to a sleeve that I will truly love getting done, piece by piece. (Also an excuse to get more Holmes ink!)

It is my own personal opinion that what I got tonight is exactly that. :)


The top was taken about two hours after I left the shop, the bottom picture was taken at the shop immediately after finishing. We will be having another sitting in a few weeks to do some highlight/shading work, but this tattoo is finished enough to show off. The image used as a guide can be found here, and I'm ecstatic with my new ink! :D

As always, this was done by the wonderful Blake at Outlaw Tattoo in Prattville, Alabama. 

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