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I've been thinking for quite a while about getting a tattoo that somehow represents the following Thomas De Quincey quotation:

"We have backed upon each Phoenix in the long regressus, and forced him to expose his ancestral Phoenix, sleeping in the ashes below his own ashes." (his emphasis, from Suspiria de Profundis)

What I can't decide is how to go about having this idea of the phoenix revealing the ancestral phoenix in his ashes transformed into good art when I'm still not sure where I would put it, whether I want the words incorporated, and how much of my body I'm willing to commit to such a project.  I do know that I need it to be easy to cover.  Any thoughts/suggestions on how to actually make some decisions instead of just fruitlessly mulling it over?  My first tattoo was/is/will always be stupid, so I'm feeling a little gun shy despite actually wanting to figure this one out and get it.

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